¡A  HuWMaNiFestO! 

Welcomes all to celebrate, motivate, support & inspire eachother

 as We The People of Planet Earth live & be in harmony as one huwmankind               

with an eco-mind for our fellow creatures & natural habitats . . .

Huwman [hyooman, hyoom•an or hyoo•woom•an, noun] is a revision of the word human; the completed spelling for gender & skin spectrum equality,
for all Webs of Life.  

A person who believes and behaves towards evolving the human identity with consciousness & compassion for all life on Earth-- is a huwman being.   
A human that is conscious of obtaining inner & outer harmony by allowing a balance of masculine [yang] & feminine [yin] energy,
is a huwman-- an ancient notion, met with a modern word.                     

The overdue birth of this 21st Century word is a contemporary call in evolutionary semantics for the positive transformation of our species.
By shifting 'human' spelling to huwman, balance & equality emanates!
To choose our words, powerfully creates reality! 

The significant difference between a traditional humanist and a modern huwmanist is from being human-centric to life-centric -- biocentric: recognizing the interconnectedness in all webs of life. 

Huwmanism embodies a 'deep ecology' philosophy: living a life with effort in consideration for all ecosystems.   

Every single human being is composed of both masculine & feminine energy (estrogen & testosterone, yin & yang).  A huwman being realizes this and the healthy necessity to balance one's energy- personal & societal. 

Thus, the addition of the "w" is to represent woman, to fully balance & complete the word human- defining as male, female or transgender person. 

The "w" also signifies the womb, our specie's origin of development, within the female form and on Earth.  As a womb is a nurturing space for development, males can have that within them too; by honoring their yin & setting an intention to embody a nurturing space within for their personal development.
Bringing it all together, the "w" stands for all
Webs of Life, for within our
huwman identity is our relations, resources. 

  Evolutionary semantics suggests that choice of words can powerfully evolve one's being by shaping the [sub] conscious foundation of perceived reality, and the intention of one's actions. Words/thoughts are vibration!                                                

[This HuWMaNiFestO hopes to conjure the rational mind & heART of living.]  

 Instincts & Practices:

  a HuWMan Being . . .

> Practices growth of consciousness & connectedness

> Strives to have unconditional compassion for all walks of life.

> Focuses on balance, sustainability, & positivity in life! -> personally, locally & globally

> Treats all living things with equality & appreciation; understanding the need for diversity 

    Respects the entire web of life -- Comprehending that we are merely a strand in an infinitely complex order of life, where persons can bestow a heavy effect on innumerable species. Every individual can make a difference for the better or for the worse. In our everyday decisions, it is huwmanistic to practice behaving with consideration for all life

       Realizes their great power in their decisions as a consumer. A huwman tries their best to purchase products from sources with integrity for the environment & human/animal rights. 

> Supports equal rights & opportunities for all

> Engages in active learning, realizing and DOing, for the self & community.

¡Anyone can be a huwman -at anytime- because every body is born with ways of unlimited ability & infinite potential! 
There is
no hierarchy of gender, race, religion, ethnicity
and/or politcal or sexual identity in

Huwmanism embraces the Golden Rule, 
"Do for others, as you trust others would do for you",
as a lifelong practice
Remembering our ancient knowing on how to live
in harmony with Earth
and with Cosmic Consciousness.

Etymology of huwman [hue-womb-man]:

  Historical records reveal 'Hu' as the first word in the Egyptian alphabet for God. 
In 'huwman', hu may symbolize as the Godd/Spirit within and/or the Universal Life Force.  Thus, hu is composed of all hues.  A hue is a color varied by light and
when all colors of the light spectrum are combined there is
white light,
hu~the light of creation, which is in all of us.
There as, hu, may represent all hues as all skin tones containing infinite light.

'WM' signifies yin yang -- a wavelength of balanced complimentary forces, 

interdependent of one another & interconnected 

with the natural world for existence

As the 'WM' appears as a spectrum, it holds space for the 

spectrum of gender & color in humankind.

In pronunciation, the 'WM', may sound like 'woom' to depict the womb of life. The 'o' symbolizes the seed of a new life which can only exist from the union of the male & female.  In the Roman symbols for female & male, it is the 'o' that is the common element, which represents the spirit. 

nestling of "WM" in pronunciation may also bring a sound essence rooted within some indigenous languages, and therefore singing up the native spirit of connectedness.  

Indigenous cultural beliefs of community and connected consciousness to all life
can help heal our modern societal problems.  
In sanskrit, the definition of man= mind.  
In huwman, may 'man' revitalize our mind to be Rational & Compassionate  
In completion of 'huwman', the 'an' signifies one, the individual and our
oneness with each other and the Webs of Life,
we=me ~ huwmen~ HuWMan~ Huwmanity! 

Living as a huwman being is a personal experience to genuinely better
the self, community and world.

We are all born indigenous to planet Earth.

In Loyalty & Gratitude,   


   in Unity & Love,

 Cara Seaira O'Brien & All Huwmans


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