Welcome to ยกA HuWMaNiFestO! 

A Global Movement
A HUWMAN RenaisSance
In Health, Arts, Science, Business, Lifestyle & Beyond!

Faith, Gender, & Skin Spectrum Equality
 For Huwmanity & Earth!

Evolving the spelling  can evolve society

Ecologically, biologically
Humanism >>> #Huwmanism
For the Webs of Life!

#WaterIsLife !

 A huwman being is a person celebrating life!:) Everyday, with a BiG heArt and OPen Mind for all to thrive!--Plants, Animals & People. Realizing that every body has
masculine & feminine, estrogen & testosterone ~ a yin & yang blend. 
May the now equated word, huwman of 2009 inspire growth of one's Compassionate Consciousness for personal & community positive progression~~ to bring us together in efforts & harmony as one species indigenous [in care] to planet Earth, with gratitude . .safe . as huwman beings! :D . . .  .   .   .     .
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Atmospherically fired, ceramic "huwmen" made in 2010
by  Cara Seaira O'Brien & many other self declared huwman beings . . .