The HUWMAN Being Book! For all Ages, by Cara Seaira O'Brien,
printed in the USA, from fair-trade

In, The Huwman Being Book, author and illustrator, Cara Seaira O'Brien, reveals a renaissance of Huwmanism: the art of living delightfully with a practice of consciousness and compassion for all species. In a grounded, yet whimsical way through hand-drawn illustrations with bold and vibrant text, the reader is invited to explore and celebrate the growth of heart and mind - while discovering the delicate balance of masculine & feminine in all of life, for themselves.   The Huwman Being Book of 2021 is now titled, The Huwmen Being Book, to celebrate the plural form of spelling for our species:) .. Fun for all ages, from all places - Inspiring us to glow, grow and flow the better parts of our nature! 

For Huwmanity & EARTH! 

Shine On Huwmans, Huwmen~~ Peaceiors vibrating war no more!

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The HUWMAN Being BOOK! is Available in stores at:

San Gregorio General Store, CA
The Bodega Bay Gallery, CA
Modern Times - San Francisco CA
Other Avenues - San Francisco, CA
Scarlet & Sage- San Francisco, CA
Dynamite Kids- Berkeley, CA
Bank of Books - Ventura, CA
Henry Miller Library, Big Sur CA
Inquiring Minds - New Paltz, NY
Om for Mind, Body, Soul- Brooklyn, NY
Einstein's Attic, Northport, NY  
The Blue Crow, Painter, VA