Displayed in the image below are contemporary artifacts made of earthenware . . . 

these are symbols representing huwman beings.  These ceramic figures can also be 

viewed as fertility goddesses & gods of Earth, in homage to the first found human artifact, Venus of Willendorf, circa 25,000 BCE.

The mission of this sea of huwmen is to share the good words of huwmanism: 

consciousness & compassion for all life  ~ in huwmoneness ~*.

They are dispersed across the USA, New York to California & Internationally for others to find, have, share ~to infinity & beyond ! . . :)                                                           

 Would You like to play with clay and make a huwman?

These ^huwmen^ were made by self-declared huwman beings living in New York. 2010

If you would like to make that personal affirmation~ physically, mentally,                                                                           emotionally & spiritually in clay, to keep for yourself or to give to others,                                                                                please email HuWManHeart@gmail.com

                                        made by Cara Seaira O'Brien, 2010 

                                                                 an offering of huWMen, Snake Den, NJ 

  ^Made by Nikita Federov

                      Made by Kim DSouza   &   Amie Laino 

       HuWMen in New Paltz. NY 

       a huwMan in Penn Station, NYC 

@ National Museum of History, NYC

                                                   a huWman in The Museum of Natural History, NYC

                             Central Park, NYC 

a personal sacred space for the huWMen 

¡A La AtLantiCa! , NY

A mini colony of huWMen at The Grand Tree of Life in New Orleans 


a huwMan in Virgina 

a 'huwmanesque' store in San Diego, CA 

A huwman made by Evan Rogers, Los Angeles, CA

HuWMen in a home, Oakland, CA 

HuWMen at the Roman Colosseium, Rome, Italy 2011 

Marrakech, Morocco, Africa!

a HuWman in a Moroccan home, in Essaouira beside the Atlantic, Africa! 2011 

French Quater, New Orleans 

a huWman offering at Grand Isle [BP oil spill location], New Orleans

El Paso, Texas 

Venice Beach, CA 

huWMen offered in Los Angeles, CA 

huWMen in Los Angeles, CA

          A huWman in San Francisco, CA

 HuWMen in a Spanish home, Madrid, 2011