"A Walk into Infinity" is a walking meditation that can be experienced as a ritual to connect with one's own infinte energy that is part of the Universe's infinite energy. The inspiration for this public project came from a personal experience I had while feeling anxious transitional energy within.  To calm my racing mind, I stepped outside to breath deep but I couldnt help pacing. Walking barefoot helped me begin to feel grounded and then I realized the pattern of my pacing naturally was flowing into an infinity symbol. As I became conscious of this, I started to walk slower embracing this intuitive ancient design. As I continued this, I began to realize how my mind was clearing & calming.  Walking in an infinity symbol revitalized my concious that I am infinite energy.  This cosmic concept grounded my inner chaos into a peaceful harmony so profoundly that I wanted to share it with my community... .  .   .

On that note, I would like to thank all of the wonderful people that shared their thoughts on Infinity and gave their footprint in clay to create this walking meditation. This Friday, May 19th, 2011, in San Francisco, I will be setting the ceramic footprints into 3 Infinity symbols, commencing a few hours before sunset. The first at Golden Gate Park (near the flower conservatory), the second at Lands End (beside the rock labyrinth) and the third at Ocean Beach (near Lincoln). All is welcome to join. :) 
To Infinity and Beyond! ~*8*~

In Love & Light,
*<3* Cara Anne O'Brien